Website Examples for Small Business

If you’re considering building a website for your small business, you’ve probably already heard of a few of the best website building platforms. Among them are Wix, Jimdo, and Valesca. But how do you choose the best one for your business? Here are some examples of successful websites. You may also want to check out the services offered by these companies to get an idea of what they’re like.


Small business owners can find a Strikingly designed website in many forms. For example, this café uses a website designed with the Strikingly system, complete with a picturesque background image and different sections. It also offers a contact form, which allows customers to contact the cafe owners directly. This website allows for an easy-to-use interface for customers to locate and purchase the items they are looking for.


Looking for a small business website that’s easy to update and features an easy-to-use Wix editor? Check out these two examples of Wix-powered websites. One of these sites showcases a designer’s portfolio and uses a parallax effect to highlight her work. The other showcases a company that offers video advertising, including a store with large, colorful images. Both of these Wix examples of small business websites are effective examples of how to design a professional website that will showcase your work.


The ‘Creator’ mode of Jimdo allows you to easily create a website or store. After selecting a field, you’ll be able to choose from 16 templates and switch them later. You can also filter the templates by header, navigation, content area, and sidebar. This gives you complete flexibility in the design and layout of your website. If you’re building a website from scratch, you can add code snippets and widgets to your site as you go along.


If you’re looking for small business website examples, consider the designs used by Valesca. Their minimalist style and monochromatic color scheme work well to highlight the products they sell. The eCommerce website for Valesca also highlights the unique service it offers, and it uses a full-width design. These examples use subtle responsive design and dynamic content to attract users. One site even allows users to interact with the site using the cursor.


If you’re a startup or a small business, you’ll want to look at a few Kraftful website examples to see how this app looks and functions. In addition to creating apps, Kraftful also builds smart home devices. The company’s website uses a black, white, and grey color palette that emphasizes precision and balance. Visitors can even watch high-definition videos on the website, so you know exactly what the products are.

Bennett Tea

Using a minimalist design, the Bennett Tea website features a sticky header and product pages, a central brand element, links to core navigation, and a shopping bag button in the right corner. The website also includes company information, a mission statement, and contact pages. This non-standard website is an excellent example of how not to overdo it when designing for small business. Although there are a lot of small business websites out there, it is important to find a design that is right for your business and that is both effective and appealing to your customers.